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These dolls began as a series of ornaments with optional loops for that purpose, but over time, nearly all came to be ordered just as tiny dolls. These are real dolls about 3 to 3-1/2" tall and all designed from historical dolls with the same attention to detail as all my other dolls. All are signed and dated and come nested in a gift box with a gift card explaining their history. the series began with the idea of there being 12 different dolls, with a new one due at Christmas time. But I ended up doing 20 with a few extras added here and there.

The long standing subscription program has been discontinued. Because my commitment to make a new doll every year has come to an end (I may produce more dolls as I am inspired, but they will be spontaneously announced instead of an annual event). I am grateful to the 50 or so people who were part of this program for the 20 years I did it.

If you would like to have all of the available dolls in the series or just some or are missing dolls you might consider starting a Custom Club. This arrangement involves sending me your list and then setting up an agreeable payment plan with a doll being shipped to you once a month or every other month, with a minimum of 6 dolls (a 5% discount is offered) or 12 or more (with a 10% discount).
Email me at to discuss how.

TINY DOLL SERIES NO. ONE (Original Version 2004) ~  A previous version of this doll (see photo of her in the images by clicking on the doll drawing at right) was the first doll in the series. But as time wore on, her molds were wearing out, so in July of 2016, I remade her. The style of this doll is taken from primitive or naive paintings of children most with simple hair styles, a similar shorter dress (see a photo of this painting by clicking on the doll drawing at right) with peg leg pantalets showing below and slipper shoes.

This new tiny doll began her life as the subject of a workshop (and named Abigail) that was cancelled during the beginning months of the pandemic. She is even more petite than my Tiny Doll Collection, who average about 3.5" tall. I scaled her down to under 3" so that she could be a good size doll for even a doll as small as Hitty. The picture does not show off some of her details such as her modeled curls behind her ears, her dainty wooden legs with painted slippers and her blue eyes.

Tiny Doll $225 Add to Cart

Tiny Doll #1 - A Simple Doll

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TINY DOLL SERIES NO. TWO (2005) ~ The new doll for this year to add to the collection is a tiny Joel Ellis doll (Springfield Wooden Dolls made in the late 1800's). I feel particularly attracted to these dolls because I was born and raised in Springfield, VT. True to the real Joel Ellis, this little doll is sold undressed. Joel Ellis thought that the dolls should be undressed so children could see and be fascinated by his wonderfully crafted joints. This 3-1/4" doll has a tiny molded and painted head atop a jointed wooden body and teeny pewter hands and feet just like the original. $250


Joel Ellis Tiny Doll ~ NOW DISCONTINUED

Joel Ellis Doll - Tiny Doll #2

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TINY DOLL NO. THREE (2006) ~ This is the third in the series of historical tiny dolls and is the much loved Hitty (read more about Hitty on my Hitty page). This tiny Hitty is a less than 3" tall and is handcarved on every single little wooden arm, leg and body done on my own presawn blanks (to help with production). They have separately molded heads of papier mache in order to get Hitty's sweet face and her signature curls. I then paint each and every one as I do all my dolls. They are undressed (a quandary) because after all that work to make all of her wooden jointed body as close to the real Hitty as possible, I just cannot cover that up. I will be sending with each doll a small pattern for dress and undies if you are so inclined as to want yours dressed. I am afraid that to dress them would not only cover up all her jointed wood qualities, but make them prohibitively expensive. However, I must admit the little dress belling out over her gartered legs is pretty sweet, so a small outfit on a hanger will be available to order separately if your tiny Hitty must have clothes (see the Hitty page for the choices). $250 for undressed doll and patterns.

Tiny Hitty Doll Add to Cart

Tiny Hitty
Tiny Doll #3

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TINY DOLL NO. FOUR (2007) ~ Doll Number 4 of the series is the second doll from the Springfield Wooden Series, my version of a tiny Mason and Taylor. She is also jointed wood with a papier mache head, blonde wavy hair and the standard pewter hands and feet with the tiny boots done in the special Dutch blue they were so famous for.



Mason & Taylor
Tiny Doll #4

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~ These dolls were quite long in the making due to the sheer difficulty of producing the quality I insist on even at such small scale. Like the larger historical dolls they are drawn from, they have hand carved wooden and jointed bodies complete with tiny individual fingers (a noted characteristic of these dolls) with a papier mache molded head. Outfits are entirely constructed in layers of real hand dyed silks and ultra-fine imported laces. Hair is real mohair fiber. Choice of blue or old rose color schemes. $275.

QA Tiny Doll in blue set   Blues are sold out
QA Tiny Doll in rose set  Also sold out


In the meantime, I recommend Tiny Doll #18, a later era Queen Anne. Go to page 5.

Queen Anne -Tiny Doll #5
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