In this section you will find most of my older discontinued kits that are provided here in simple list form where reprints of the original instructions and patterns can be ordered. They are provided here for those who wish to still make them and are able to provide all of the supplies (fabrics, notions, paints, etc.) that are needed and were originally part of the kits, or for those who wish to replace lost instructions & patterns. The reprint prices shown are based on number of pages. Some of the old kits have been updated with revised instructions to make them stand alone from their former life as kits into patterns with new covers. In some cases they have become "Kits Plus" providing special items that would be hard to find. More will be added in the future.

For more detailed descriptions of the original kits these are from, please click on the ARCHIVED WORKS tab in the bottom menu.

For more information on replacements (including paints), see the REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS, PATTERNS, PAINTS & CORRECTIONS tab in the bottom menu.

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Early American Doll Series
Historical Cloth Dolls
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Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Tales
The Basic Bear Series & Tiny Rabbits
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Quilting Bee Series & Other Dolls and Kits