DISPLAYING YOUR DOLLS ~ The way your dolls are displayed is just as important as any of the other factors about the doll (such as colors and fabrics used). Of course the most charming way to display vintage look dolls is in antique doll furniture, but this is not always possible. Below you will find some chairs to help address the difficulty in finding just the right props. Chairs can be used for more than one doll - for instance, one doll may be sitting in the chair, while another one may be standing just next to the back of the chair and another one or two may be sitting on the floor using the chair to lean on. In other words, a single chair can be then the focal point of a whole grouping. You should not have all your dolls sitting in chairs - it would look like a movie theater, and many dolls do not sit well at all (for example, I do not like to seat my Historical Folk Dolls #1,2 or 7 (see above). I will also be adding some new items in early 2007 to help in displaying your dolls. For instance, my new wooden Joel Ellis doll due to the elaborate work in her wooden joints, likes to be seen undressed, and yet she has wonderful clothing and even a special bonnet, so for this doll, I recommend sitting the doll down, say on a shelf, and next to her, displaying her clothing on my new larger doll dress form (dolls 12" - 15") and her bonnet on the hatstand which will also be available. I will also be adding in some new wooden display stands for your standing dolls who need support. For small dolls, look at chairs in the Early American and Hitty Series.


Since a lot of my dolls are now in a larger size (for almost 20 years I worked on dolls 8" tall or less), I found that I wanted a size antique chair that is not only hard to find, but very expensive, due to their rarity. So I set about reproducing two in my own small collection. The chair on the left is painted a charming red that has been realistically distressed to look old and the chair on the right, which has a woven split seat, is aged wood. Both are 14" tall and are for dolls in the 14" to 20" range. Click on the illustrations for photos.

Red Chair $195 No longer available
14" Ladderback with Arms $250 Temporarily not available
Please note, these chairs may not be included in any discounts.

This chair is best for dolls in the 10" - 12" range. It is a more refined look than any of my other chairs and is painted a pleasing mustard color with real ash splint seats. Chair is about 11" tall. $195 Add to Cart

I made these a long time back for displaying dolls but they are still good basic display pieces for 9" - 12" dolls and they are available in kit form too. Easy to assemble and paint with all materials and wood parts provided. Seat weaving is traditional rush-style and instructions are included. These look like the same chairs as appear in the Early American Series, but they are larger.

Chair Kit $42.00 Add to Cart
Finished Chair $72.00 Add to Cart


Just like the one pictured above with the rush-style seat. Good for 8" dolls such as my new 8" Izannah but will fit up to 10". Finished only. $72.00 Add to Cart

This chair was made for my 12" Izannah Collection but is available on its own. The 3 back slats have a heart shape along the top edges and an ash splint seat. Although designed for a 12" doll, it would also work for a slightly larger doll and many smaller sizes - these would look like a child sitting in a real chair, a look I love.
Heart Back Ladderback Chair $98.00 Add to Cart

Ladderback Doll Chairs

From left: 9" Heartback, 8" Ladderback with ash seat and 7" Ladderback with rush-style seat. Note that middle chair also comes with rush-style seat.

Wooden Stands
We make these based on many years of trying to find or make tasteful stands for dolls that look nice and work. There is a slight amount of adjustment possible both in height and waist sizes. Note for creative people - if you buy the nearest stand to what you want, you will be able to follow our wire holder part as a model to make a new one of your own (using new wire) to fit your individual situation. Stands come stained and polished with my antique wood finish. May require simple individual fitting to your doll.

Stand on Left is the Tiny Doll Stand ~ Stand on the Right is a Saddle Stand

Tiny Doll Sizes (shown left in above illustration):
• Tiny Doll Stand (3 to 3-1/2" dolls) - This size only comes finished $12.75 Add to Cart
• Tiny Stand for Boys with supports under arms (instead of under skirts) $12.75 Add to Cart

Hitty Styles (shown in the right illustration above):
• Hittys Little Sister (5" doll) $24 Add to Cart
• 6.5" dolls (Hitty) with cloth bodies. $28 Add to Cart
•  6.5" dolls (Hitty) with wooden bodies (made with a center wooden crotch piece at hips) $28 Add to Cart

Larger Saddle Stands (shown in the right illustration above):
•  8-9" dolls $28 Add to Cart
•  10" dolls $28 Add to Cart
• 11-12" dolls $28 Add to Cart

Other Stands for Specific Styles of Doll:
• 8" GW Milliners Model Stand (a larger version of the stand illustrated on the left above made for a very slender doll with a waist of about 3"). $18.00 Add to Cart
• 10-12" dolls with fixed upper legs (dolls who cannot sit such as my Jane Austen or the Tuck Comb) $28 Add to Cart Note: These stands have a figure 8 wire that non-jointed legs are supported in.
• Stands for my wooden dolls 9" or 12" tall who have the hole in bottom of torso to accept dowel are also available as kits only $14. 12" size Add to Cart or 9" size Add to Cart

Wooden Hat Stands

Small Hat Stand (intended for Hitty or bonnets that will work with a stand about 2" tall) $5.75 Add to Cart

Large Hat Stand (for larger dolls 10-14" tall or bonnets that will work with a stand about 3.5" tall)
$6.75 Add to Cart

Dress Forms and Dress Form Stands - Sometimes a doll's outfit needs to be displayed
Dress Forms are the usual expected padded forms and fussier to make. I designed the Dress Form Stands which are all wood, not padded and thus easier to make but look the same as the padded dress form once the outfit is hanging from it. At this time with reduced helpers Dress Forms are not available finished. GW recommends the new Dress Form Stands as the perfect solution.

Dress Forms (shown left) & Dress Form Stands (shown right)

Small Dress Form ~ A small Hitty size padded dress form to display her favorite outfits.
Kit $22 Add to Cart Sorry, Finished not available at this time. GW recommends the Dress Form Stand instead.

Small Dress Form Stand ~ Sized for Hitty - A dress form alternative that is easy to make and affordable if you like to display Hitty's outfits on a form, thus needing lots of them. This one is all wood but the outfit looks the same once on it. It eliminates the covered form, making the kits easy and less work so the finished ones are more affordable to have lots.
Kit $18 Add to Cart Finished $24 Add to Cart

Medium Dress Form Stand (8-9" Dolls) Available Finished Only $28 Add to Cart

Large Dress Form Stand (12" Dolls) Available Finished Only $38 Add to Cart