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This year I had great fun creating an old-fashioned cotton batting ornament as shown above left as a hanging ornament. She is a limited edition of only 25. Just under 4" tall to the tip of her party hat, she has a molded head from my own original mold and is decked out in ruched vintage rayon ribbon and some crystal rhinestones (now that was a learning experience) as bling on her ruffled netting collar. I debated about color, but the old whites, hand dyed by us here won the day. She has painted wooden wings to prove that even snow people can be angels. She may be ordered either as a hanging ornament with a silk ribbon loop or a painted wooden stand (see photo above right). The first edition of 25 are sold out. I will be doing a second smaller edition (12) in January. If you order now, a deposit of $30 will be charged.

Snow Angel with Hanging Loop $138 Add to Cart ($30 deposit will be charged on new orders)
Snow Angel on Painted Stand $138 Add to Cart ($30 deposit will be charged on new orders)


My newest nursery rhyme characters are the well known Jack and Jill. The two-doll set comes on a wooden stand and both are holding a tiny red pail. The inspiration for their clothing was taken from paintings by Kate Greenaway with most of the fabrics and trims specially hand dyed here in my workshop to get the look. Like all the other dolls in this Tiny Doll Series, these too are 3.5" tall. This set, unlike the others, will be limited in number to 24 total. $435 for the set on their stand. Add to Cart


For this tiny doll in the series celebrating holidays, I chose an angel. Over all the years of my dollmaking, angels have always played an important role. This one is the tiniest of all. Like the other Tiny Dolls in the Nursery Rhyme and Fairy Tale Series and the Holiday Series, this angel is 3.5" tall with the same basic look and construction as the very first one (Little Red Riding Hood) with posable arms and legs on a papier mache molded head and body from my own molds. She wears a hand-dyed gown trimmed in tucks and imported lace, undies underneath include a lace trimmed slip and pantalets. Her wings, guilded halo and her banner are all of painted wood. Halo is securely pegged. Her price is $235 including stand. If you prefer, you may order her with a hanging loop in place of the stand.

Tiny Angel with Stand Add to Cart

Tiny Angel with a Hanging Loop in place of stand. Add to Cart
Please add a stand even though I wish to have a hanging loop. $9.50 Add to Cart



NEW - I have added two new sections to my website for the Tiny Dolls. In the top menu if you click on DOLLS BY TYPE, you will now find the original Tiny Doll section with its new name of "Tiny - Historic" which has all 20 plus of my original series of tiny dolls inspired by historical dolls. And now there is also "Tiny - Character and Holiday", a section of all of the newer tiny dolls with fairy tale and nursery rhyme themes (Mother Goose, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.) plus holiday themed dolls like the Valentine's, Easter, Halloweens, and Christmas. New dolls to come: Pilgrim Children and new Christmas Figures.

DO YOU WANT TO BE ON A "PERMANENT" LIST TO GET THE NEXT NEW TINY DOLL? I have agreed to allow those who want to be at the top of the list for new Tiny Dolls to sign on. Just email me to let me know. Click here to send an email.



A sample illustration by Kate Greenaway

Due to so many requests, I will do yet another doll for 2023. Since I have loved the works of Kate Greenaway, the inspiration for this next doll comes from her many charming illustrations of children. Oh, the pinafores and bonnets. So the photos above are the final results. Her price is $235 and includes her stand. Every year I fill the first 50 orders that will go before the holidays and most of these places are taken by a list of people who got one each year for over 20 years. The remaining spaces on the pre-Christmas list go to orders on a first come basis. There are 2 places left on the pre-Christmas List. Orders received after this point on will be placed on the late January delivery and will be charged a deposit of $75 with the balance at shipping.

2023 Tiny Doll #21 price $235 Add to Cart



New 12 Inch Queen Anne Kit
My older 10" and then the 12" Wooden Queen Anne kits have long been sold out. But people keep asking. Although I can no longer tie up my dwindling time and resources on more labor intensive wooden dolls, I do recognize that most people are mainly interested in the costuming of this iconic doll. To make it possible to provide such a doll kit, the new doll will have a papier mache molded head and torso with separate but not jointed molded legs. To maintain the image of real wooden ones, her arms will be wood which need easy refinement using a simple X-Acto knife. Kits will have simple flat hands with separate fingers or special arms with 3-dimensional thumbs for the adventurous will be available. Arms were traditionally made with cloth upper arms attached to the bodies, so that once the doll is dressed, she (or he) will look exactly like my old all wood body versions. The kit will include all necessary supplies for the doll and her mohair wig, printed patterns for all outfits listed below and a CD with volumes of historical information plus instructions for the doll, clothing and accessories. Dolls may be made female or male.

• Caps, Hats & Other Accessories
• The Many Variations of Gowns
• Undergarments of the Day
• The Gentleman

THIS IS AN ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE PRE-ORDER OF THIS NEW KIT AVAILABLE BY DECEMBER 2023. The total price will be $178 and you can get on the list for this kit with a 1/3 payment (deposit) of $60. We will schedule a second payment in November and the final balance plus shipping will be charged at shipping in December. 1/3 pymt $60 Add to Cart

GW Painted Heads/Torso for Your Queen Anne ~ The fee for GW to paint for this kit is $75. Add to Cart

SET OF ARM BLANKS for 3-dimensional thumbs $16 Add to Cart

Hittys Tea Party Set with 3 Dolls Teaset and Furniture
Set includes 2 regular size Hittys in spindle chairs, Tiny 3" Hitty in high chair, table with tea set and large size braided rug.


I have always through all the years of dollmaking made various versions of dolls having a tea party and one even with only bears. All of the tea parties began from an illustration by Tasha Tudor first discovered in 1980. I even won a prestigious award for the first set which was for my 8" porcelain dolls, then eventually I used the same theme for Hitty.

I sold many Hitty Tea Party sets (see bottom photo at left) until my potter friend who made the tea sets moved away and was no longer in business. I spent a few years trying to find another potter willing to make these sets for me again to no avail. Finally good fortune. My original potter friend came back to this area and set up a new studio.

These are not mass produced pieces made overseas in molds but individually hand thrown on a potter's wheel, with the slight imperfections of hand thrown pottery. Sized just for Hitty (a bit bigger than doll house scale, so another reason sets were impossible to find) with the tea pot about 5/8" tall and cups only 3/8" in their tiny saucers. Since I am a lover and collector of vintage yellow ware, I wanted the same look. Each set has 11 pieces including separate lids for the sugar bowl and tea pot, plus 3 sets of cups and saucers. I send along artist's wax to secure lids and cups and to where ever they will be displayed. $110 per set. Add to Cart

Sorry, due to the numbers of orders and the limited production, you may be placed on the waiting list for the next batch. If that happens I will let you know and change your Cart from $110 to a deposit of $20. We will let you know the wait time.


Most of these tiny doll accessories are not new, just the rabbit and goose pulltoys in the front row of the photo. Everything is about 1" tall except the spoolrack, slate, peg wooden and printed cat which are under 2". I find doll settings need these tiny touches. Also a great accessories for Hitty collections.

Tiny Rabbit Pulltoy $18 Add to Cart
Tiny Goose Pulltoy $18 Add to Cart
Spoolrack $32.00 Add to Cart
Slate $24.00 Add to Cart
Blocks $18.00 Add to Cart
Flat Iron $15.00 Add to Cart
Tomato Pincushion $12.00 Add to Cart
Peg Wooden Doll $58.00 Add to Cart
Tiny Printed Cat $19.50 Add to Cart
Sheep Pulltoy $18.00 Add to Cart
Cow Pulltoy $18.00 Add to Cart
Spool Set $12.00 Add to Cart

Blonde Hitty


NEW ~ BLONDE HITTY OPTIONS ~ This version of Hitty is created as a Hitty Friend using my cloth body style with dark blonde hair and blue eyes (shown at left). Due to the painting process for the blonde hair, she is only available as a finished doll or if you have Gail prepaint your Hitty kit parts. To order prepainted blonde Hitty parts for a kit version, go to the Hitty Kit page. Blonde Wood Hitty (shown at far right) is also available.

• Blonde Hitty - Undressed (with coral beads) for you to dress. $275 Add to Cart
• Blonde Hitty - Starter Set Undressed (with coral beads and Wardrobe Patterns 1 & 2) $285 Add to Cart
• Blonde Hitty Dressed Choices: See the Hitty page for finished dolls

• Blonde Wood Hitty - $295 (Comes undressed with her coral beads). Add to Cart

NEW ~ BLONDE OPTION for TINY HITTY ~ Tiny 3" Hitty may also now be ordered in blonde. Like her original self wtih dark hair, Tiny Hitty Blonde is sold undressed with accompanying patterns to make her 3-piece removable clothing. Or choose already made clothes below. This small Hitty has a jointed wooden body with a molded papier mache head.
Regular dark hair Tiny Hitty $225 Add to Cart 
Tiny Hitty with blonde hair $225 Add to Cart 

• Tiny Hitty Outfits ~ Finished 3-piece outfits for Tiny 3" Hitty above. $32. Choice of pink print Add to Cart, brown print Add to Cart, or blue print Add to Cart.

Hittys Little Sister


The color choices for if you would like your doll to come to you dressed. The style is the same removable dress in the top photo but offered in reds, browns, pinks or blues. The gingham will be the apron.


These dolls were made from reduced versions of my 6.5" Hitty and are 4-3/4" tall and planned to be just right to be Hitty's Little Sister. These began as my souvenir doll for a convention with the idea that later they would be Hittys Little Sister. Like my wooden Hittys, these have hand carved wooden bodies with my molded papier mache heads.
Hittys Little Sister is available with blonde or dark hair, dressed ($248) with color choices or undressed ($215) or ($225) with a set of patterns for a complete wardrobe (includes two dress styles, undies, two pini styles, a cloth bonnet, nightgown set and winter cape).

• Hitty's Little Sister Undressed with dark hair $250 Add to Cart
• Hitty's Little Sister Undressed with blonde hair $250 Add to Cart

• Hitty's Little Sister with dark hair undressed wtih patterns. $265 Add to Cart
• Hitty's Little Sister with blonde hair undressed wtih patterns. $265 Add to Cart

• Hitty's Little Sister with dark hair dressed in new outfit (color choice made below). $295 Add to Cart
• Hitty's Little Sister with blonde hair dressed in new outfit (color choice made below). $295 Add to Cart

• Browns Add to Cart
• Pinks Add to Cart
• Blues Add to Cart
• Reds Add to Cart

CLOTHING MAY BE ORDERED SEPARATELY - $45.00 Includes set of undies.(see photo at left for choices):
• Browns Add to Cart
• Pinks Add to Cart
• Blues Add to Cart
• Reds Add to Cart

Hittys Little Sister (5" doll) stands sold finished $24 Add to Cart

This set of patterns comes with the Undressed Dolls with Patterns above, but they may also be purchased separately. $18 Add to Cart


This is a limited offering due to quantities. A special offering for her complete wardrobe set of patterns with all fabrics, notions and supplies, in other words, a complete kit. I carefully selected from my private collection of fabrics (since I no longer keep extra fabrics to sell) just-right sets to make two outfits, undies, two pini styles, a cloth bonnet, nightgown set and winter cap - all look great together as a wardrobe. We have included all laces, buttons and other notions.

$68 complete set (Set of Patterns, kitted fabrics and all notions) Add to Cart
If you already have the patterns and would like the kitted supplies $50 Add to Cart





In this past year's R John Wright Convention Workshops I did a series of 3 dolls - Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel - for his theme of Fairy Tales. I borrowed my Tiny Dolls basic look and construction for these tiny dolls, adding posable arms and legs to the bodies. She is dressed in her red cape, 2-piece dress and apron with pantalets under where you can see her red shoes peeking out and carries her tiniest of baskets. Includes her stand. Sorry, these are not available as kits. $225 Add to Cart



This well known duo are also available as a set and come with their stands. Like Little Red Riding Hood above, these too have posable arms and legs. Gretel has her day cap and Hansel his own cap and leather-like suspenders. $375 for the pair Add to Cart

The next dolls in the series are Little Bo Peep (with a teeny pulltoy sheep) and Mother Goose (with a teeny pulltoy goose). Available now. Little Bo Peep and Mother Goose each also come with stands.

Little Bo Peep $225 Add to Cart
Mother Goose $225 Add to Cart

THE NEXT DOLL IN THE SERIES: For those collecting this series, Little Miss Muffet is now in production. She, of course, comes sitting on her stuffed tuffet eating her curds and whey from a wooden bowl with a hand carved wooden spoon - just her size, which I can tell you is very small. The odious spider, embroidered, is stealthily crawling up the tuffet.
She is $235. Add to Cart

DICK AND JANE READERS - These tiny books began as an accessory to a doll I did for a convention souvenir with a 1950's theme, but are now available as stand alone doll accessories and have delightful tiny reproductions inside from actual Dick and Jane series books. Since I was in first grade in 1956, these very books were part of my own beginnings in reading, so I chose to make these little hand bound books for that reason and inside I tell the history of how these readers came to be the standard for learning to read for many decades. Size is 1-3/4" x 2-1/4" $24 Add to Cart
GinnyPaperDoll NEW
This set was originally used as an accessory for the 1950's theme doll representing me in first grade (1956) that I did for UFDC and now is made its own item and number 3 in my doll size paperdoll series.The Set comes in a tiny gift box (pictured is the cover of the tiny box) with Ginny made as a front and back paperdoll mounted on a thin wood silhouette with a painted wooden base to stand on her own. Tiny envelopes come with them to hold their three outfits which although are meant to be display items with the clothing left uncut, the outfits will fit if cut out. $24 Add to Cart

A TINY BOOK OF FLOWERS taken from the Secret Garden, the beloved book by Frances Hodgson Burnet. This little book (smaller than other books above) was made as an accessory for my series of dolls from the Secret Garden. Book size is 1-3/8" x 1-5/8". $24 Add to Cart

NOTE: Picture is not true to color.


This cat is not new, but such a popular and cute tiny item that I am keeping it here. A perfect accessory for Hitty is this very tiny (1.5" tall) printed cloth cat taken from an antique unsewn cat by the Arnold Printworks Patented 1892. These printed cats and other animals and dolls were very popular for the home sewer who was to sew up and stuff these printed treasures for playthings long ago. GW has reworked the original artwork for this very easy kit or a delightful addition finished for your Hitty.

• Kit $16 Add to Cart
• Finished $21.50 Add to Cart

(See more sizes of printed cats on the Animals page)


NEW CHEEK PAINT AND BRUSH SET - The answer to your prayers for perfect cheeks

Use acrylics for all other painting, but use alkyd oils for at least cheeks for better, easier cheeks. If you will be using these paints soon after receipt, the best way to paint cheeks fairly effortlessly is with alkyd oils (fast drying oils). Oils allow you to easily feather out the edges using a dry brush and virtually no paint on your brush. Clean up with turpentine or turp substitute. You can then seal with varnish (recommended is Mod Podge Matte) and antique as usual. Included with the set of three colors in small paint pots (Titanium White, Cadmium Red Deep, and Burnt Sienna) are a concealer brush, a brush point Fantastik Paint Stick for blending or cheeks on tiny dolls, a foam Q-tip, and basic instructions.

CHEEK PAINT SET $9.95 Add to Cart
JUST THE PAINTS (no extras) $4.95 Add to Cart

CONSULTING ~ I have added consulting as something I do that allows me to share my 42 years of being in business making and teaching a broad range of techniques, mediums and how to engineer how to bring ideas to life. I am also really good at organizing spaces, besides designing patterns & writing instructions, making molds, running workshops. Write to me if you have a project in mind.
Click here to send an email inquiry.



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