I have created a papier mache doll head, lower arms and lower legs in a simplistic style for you to make into a doll of your intent. You can do this with pre-molded parts and the patterns to go with or get the molds and pour your own using pourable papier mache (Flumo). The material allows for modest re-sculpting or adding onto with PaperClay. Also offered is a starter set with everything in one package.

Click here to see inspirational historic pictures and dolls made by others.

Two molds that make the head with shoulderplate, lower arms and lower legs for an 11" doll. You can use the molded parts as is (painted to your liking) or you can add on PaperClay sculpted hair and/or other features. This basic style allows for an Izannah Walker look, a Peg Wooden or Milliners Model, Greiner types or any molded hair genres. Molds will make up to approximately 25 good castings. Use with Flumo Pouring Medium and PaperClay above. Comes with basic instructions, body patterns and link to inspirational pictures. $75 Add to Cart

Premolded head and shoulderplate, lower arms and lower legs for an 11" doll. You will need a set of patterns below for the cloth body parts. This doll can be used as is with painted or fiber hair, or you can use it as a base to start on that gives the beginner sculptor a base of parts all in proportion with patterns that will fit. Add on sculpted hair or other features with Paperclay. The classes I have done this with can tell you (even the at-first reluctant people) that every single person not only found it easy, but turned out more than one doll in one session (why you may come back for a set of molds). Head, Hands and Feet.  $38 Add to Cart

SET OF INSTRUCTIONS for how to add to pre-molded parts (above) or use the molds to create your own parts (sold above). Includes cloth body patterns for this doll and link to inspirational pictures. $3.00 Add to Cart
Note: While these instructions do contain some generalized techniques which could be applied to other papier mache made dolls, they are really specific to this particular doll.

Cloth body patterns and basic costume pattern pieces for many styles including different bonnets and two styles of shoe. Use of these patterns is limited to those familiar with basic clothing construction. Brief notes only on each pattern piece providing only essential information such as seam allowances, cutting grain, etc.
Pattern Set $8.00 Add to Cart

PACKAGE STARTER SET* - This includes a set of molded parts to start, a set of molds, a quart of the casting medium Flumo, my special wooden tool, a package of PaperClay (no longer included - see below*), a set of necessary drill bits for sew holes and all patterns and instructions. There is even a link to many photos of genres of old dolls to be inspired from and to look at for your ideas, plus a gallery of students' dolls. This item must be shipped separately from other ordered items. Price of $175 Shipping charges of $21.95 will be added. Add to Cart

List of Items Sold Individually:

Special Wood Tool $12.00 Add to Cart
Flumo Casting Medium - Liter size - does not need to be shipped separately from rest of order but may require additional shipping. $22.75 Add to Cart ($3 added to other shipping).
Sorry, gallons are no longer offered.
Set of Make Your Own Molds with Instructions $75 Add to Cart ($3 added to ither shipping)
Pre-Molded Parts: Head, Hands and Feet.  $38 Add to Cart
Instructions and Body Patterns for MYO Doll $3.00 Add to Cart
Pattern Set for all clothing including body $8.00 Add to Cart
Set Replacement Drill Bits (3 sizes) $3.50 Add to Cart

*Paper Clay - I am no longer able to stock Paper Clay due to shelf life, but it is readily available online, including Amazon. A 4oz size is plenty. Because this item is now not included in the MYO STARTER SET, I have not increased the price of the kit with other necessary price increases.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to the bulk and weight of some of these items when ordered together or added to other items in your cart, additional shipping may be added to the regular shipping fee.