July 4rth Special Offerings & Sale
is now over

One day - Wednesday, June 22, 9am-3pm (Eastern Time)

• All kits and patterns will be 25% off (this is more than usual).
• One finished item (highest priced item if you have more than one) will be allowed 10% (with the usual exclusions*).
• All Tiny Dolls Historical, Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales and Holiday Themes (excluding the new Miss Liberty)will be available for pre-order at sale prices - 25% off. See below for more details.

*Read Sale Discount Exceptions below at bottom of page for clarification.

Make sure to visit the Garage Sale Page for additional bargains.

Some items still available:

MISS LIBERTY - The newest Tiny Doll in the Holiday Category

She joins the Valentine and Easter Girls in time for the Fourth of July. Like the others she is 3.5" tall and is made from my own original molds of papier mache with posable arms and painted in red high button boots. Her painted cloth tiara sits proudly on her head and she holds a painted wooden banner with "Liberty" engraved. Her outfit consists of underdress, slip, skirt with bustle and a tiny ribbon rosette sets off her bodice. She comes on her wooden stand. Only 14 available. Will be sent out in time for the 4rth. $225 FIRST BATCH ALL SOLD - Click link below for a later delivery.

In the event that the first edition of 14 are sold out, click here if you would like to be included in a second edition which would be available to ship in early August. A deposit of $35 will be charged if you do not get one of the 14 in the first batch. Add to Cart Only 3 left in the later edition

THE NEXT HOLIDAY TINY DOLL - The next one in the planning will be for Halloween, Trick or Treat, a child dressed up as a Halloween cat carrying her tiny pumpkin gathering tote. Her price (with stand) will be $225. Pre-order with $35 to be sure to get on the list for the limited numbers I can make in time for Halloween. Add to Cart


These dolls are everyone's favorites and sold out twice. A new edition of 12 is being prepared for fall '22. I can only do this because I recently found someone who is willing (and able) to crochet her snoods. Her price is $795. She can be pre-ordered and reserved for a deposit of $150 Add to Cart

HERE IS HER OLD BLURB: Announcing a 9" papier mache doll inspired by "A is for Annabelle" by Tasha Tudor. She came about originally for a doll for a Tasha Tudor workshop. Most of my customers are very familiar with the wonderful works of Tasha Tudor and indeed I have been inspired by her images since I first saw them in 1980. My Annabelle version will be recognized from the cover of the alphabet book shown below. She will have a blonde mohair wig with a handcrocheted snood (hard to see in the picture), wearing a bonnet with lace ruffle trim, a pink gingham dress in the late 1800's style with full petticoat and pantalets and pink leather slippers. The doll will come with a wooden stand and a lace trimmed handkerchief with the letter A embroidered as her accessory.

Some Fun Information from Gail

My husband and I are addicted to some bird identification software that I had got on my various computers and my iPhone several years ago but had not realized until recently that it had vastly improved. It is called Merlin and put out by the Cornell Lab on bird study. You can find it in the App store. The function that was new (to us) was that you can choose "Sound ID" and your phone will listen (and listen so well it is incredible) and start plopping in a picture of the bird it hears and then any others singing separately or amazingly together. It will highlight whoever is singing at that moment and you can go into each bird and click on its sound (see the green down arrows in the photo of my phone) so you will be able to identify it later. You can save the lists of what comes up in any session. The picture is of a few minutes while I was setting up this sale. Those 6 birds were singing outside my workroom door which I opened and held my phone out the door. The ability of it to pick up birds you didn't even realize you were hearing is simply breathtaking. We pride ourselves on being pretty knowledgeable about our local birds, but we realized we were about to learn we were missing a whole lot.


NOTE FROM GW: Both time and the pandemic have made it ever more difficult to do my work. What this really means is I can only make smaller numbers of things and it takes longer to do the work. I have lost several key workers who cannot be replaced (ever) and all of the work now has to be done by fewer people. Keep in mind we never have had enough time in a day and now it takes true genius to manage all the details. All of us here are aging and with age has come added time away from work to help care for our families and ourselves. I will never compromise the quality or integrity of my work, but I ask your patience in the necessary wait times while we (my tiny team of 2 here and my 3 long distance workers) carry on.

TERMS OF SALES (please read)

Please note that the only prices that will reflect sale discounts are those items with links on this page. All other stuff ordered on other pages will not have sale prices show up in your cart, unless it states otherwise - we will apply the discounts here when we invoice.

Remember that when you place an order on my website, even though you give your credit card info, they are not automatically charged. Rather we manually collect the orders and then manually charge here after we apply any discounts. In cases where you order something that will take more time (for me to make it), we charge a deposit (20% - non-refundable) then the balance when the order is ready to ship.

You will receive an automatic response to placing an order online, but I will follow up with an individual response once I see what is on your order and can then determine a shipping date. Usually orders that contain finished dolls will take longer due to GW making each order as it is ordered.

COMBINING ORDERS: Many of you order multiple times during a sale - which I appreciate greatly. But it becomes difficult and to be honest, crazy, keeping track so that we can combine orders for more economical shipping. Sometimes we miss a few. Also, many of you belong to my clubs and sometimes I am still shipping sale orders at club shipping time. Since you know if you are in a club, you can let us know so that if possible (only if the timing works) we will combine with your club shipping.

Click Here if you want to combine multiple orders when possible
Layaways are always an option. See menu item "Ordering Info" at the top of the page and go to Layaways in the dropdown. All Layaway terms apply.
All items already discounted may not be also on sale, including Garage Sale items, items part of any club, items not yet in production or new(unless otherwise stated), PDF copies of patterns, and a few items marked individually on the website and may not be applied to orders already in place. If some items sell out, you may be offered a raincheck for the same sale discount with a later delivery.


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