Shown above are the four sizes of printed cats: 5" (Lg), 3" (Med), 2-1/2" (Sm) and 1-1/2" (Tiny).

These printed cats were taken from an antique unsewn cat by the Arnold Printworks Patented 1892. These printed cats and other animals and dolls were very popular for the home sewer who was to sew up and stuff these printed treasures for playthings long ago. GW has reworked the original artwork for each of the four sizes. All sizes are available finished and ready for gifts or doll accessories. The two smallest sizes are also available as kits.

These are all finished (not kits)
Small - 2.5" tall $24 Add to Cart
Medium - 3" tall $28 Add to Cart
Large - 5" tall $32 Add to Cart
Tiny - 1.5" tall. $21.50 Add to Cart (suitable for 6" Hittys)

The kit has one set of printed parts - front, back and bottom - plus instructions for how to make - you supply your own stuffing.
Printed 2.5" Cat Kit $12.75 Add to Cart

The kit has all that you need for one tiny cat. This is the size I made especially for Hitty, but of course it is a great size for any small dolls or other mini vignettes.
• Kit $16.00 Add to Cart

Above is the tiny size - just right for Hitty at 1.5" tall.


I have a small collection of antique primitive cloth animals, but because they are rare, I only have a few - two dogs, two cats, a lamb and one questionable species (dog or rabbit), but charming nonetheless and my favorite one. There is something so straight-to-the-heart about these sweet playthings, often sewn from old coating or other scraps and stuffed with rags. Like primitive dolls whose shapes are often pared down to the essentials (keeping in mind that most of these dear things were not made with patterns), it is this naive look that appeals. Most often one finds them in old dirty whites or browns as these coarser weaves were common, so most of mine will also be in these grungy tones. The patterns will inspire you to make them in many types of fabrics, one more endearing than the next. The animals are divided up into two patterns as well as kits for each one and completely finished.

Upright Rabbit 8-1/2" tall
Upright Cat 7"
Sitting Dog 6"
Pig 5"
Lamb Pulltoy 7"
Elephant 7"
Crouching Rabbit 5"
Crouching Cat 6"
Horse Pulltoy 7"

PATTERN PRICES: (Patterns will not be discontinued)
See numbers below for which animals are in each pattern.
Primitive Animal Pattern #1 (Animals 1 - 5) $18.00 Add to Cart
Primitive Animal Pattern #2 (Animals 6 - 9) $18.00 Add to Cart

List of Animals:
1 Upright Rabbit
2 Upright Cat
3 Sitting Dog
4 Pig
5 Lamb Pulltoy
6 Elephant Pulltoy
7 Crouching Rabbit
8 Crouching Cat with Rag Ball
9 Horse Pulltoy

KITS - are discontinued in favor of the more popular patterns.

FINISHED ANIMALS (No longer available)


People have asked what kind of fabrics to use to get the primitive look I have in the photo if the drawing of the line of animals above is clicked on. Sadly all of the fabrics I used to use and sell are now not available or have changed to unacceptable. But I do suggest on my fabrics page to look up and consider their hemp linen. I would carry this myself but their wholesale discount is not very good. What you want is a homespun look with a slight texture to the weave. You can still buy osnaburg in lots of places, I just personally don’t like the modern way it is being manufactured. The real charm comes in the paint overdye though which can change even ho hum fabric to just right. If you have an upholstery store, look for a linen weave fabric in any solid light color. Many of the most loved of my animals have been made of cotton quilting prints which are also overdyed but not of a textured weave - these are shown in the photos below. As to eyes, the upright rabbit and the lamb take 5-6 mm eyes while the others use 4 mm animal eyes, except the horse and elephant use 4mm glass beads for eyes. But you can use other types and sizes.

Glass eyes have wire loops to sew on. Use for my Primitive Animals.
Sets of two pair.
Small (4mm) Brown with Black Centers $6.00 Add to Cart
Large (5mm) Brown with Black Centers $8.00 Add to Cart
Small (4mm) All Black $4.25 Add to Cart

•Rusty bells for Lamb $1.00 (pkg of 4) Add to Cart
•Wooden wheels and axles $5.00 (one set) Add to Cart
•Platform for Lamb Pulltoy with wheels, axles, paint $9.50 set Add to Cart
•Cat Bases for the Upright Cat $3.00 Add to Cart

Here are the animals made up in prints:

Prim Animals in Prints

Print Animals

A SMALL JOINTED BEAR - A simple 3" jointed bear to make of wool with a ribbon. (Enough for 2 then use the patterns to make more of your own fabrics) $28.00 Add to Cart

Finished 3" Jointed Wool (with cashmere) Bear $58 NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME


Now sold as a set. Boy has overalls and shirt; girl has pantaloons, dress and apron, plus two new variations I could not resist including for her clothes. Patterns and Instructions sold from old kits.

Pattern for Both Rabbits $12 Add to Cart

Makes Two 2-1/2" tall felt rabbits in jacket and clogs and flowered apron. Together they share their felt basket of carrots and their tiny wooden wheelbarrow. These are actually the very same fabrics and colors used in the original kit from 1982. This kit is brought back with updated patterns and the original painted wooden wheelbarrow included (used to be a separate kit). Limited quantities.
Finished Set for Last Call $78 SOLD THE LAST FINISHED ONES