Gail's Own Chap Stick & Hand Balm

Why you ask? Well, since my ordeal with colon cancer, I am on the quest for having everything possible natural and organic. We built a chicken coop, got chickens for meat and chickens to keep as egg layers. Feeding them organically and of course, they are allowed out in our yard. That is only one thing. Of course I have been buying as much organic food as possible, especially focusing on necessary fiber and vitamins, etc. One of the areas that affects my work is dryness due to New England cold and the heating season, but also excessive handling of paper, clays and plaster, plus fabrics, all of which dry your hands and lips out. One should drink plenty of liquids (lips are a first signal you are getting dehydrated), but truth be told, I have always been somewhat addicted to ChapStick brand lip balm. So, it too underwent scrutiny and it is made from petroleum products, so I first tried all manner of Burt's Bees and other all naturals, but every single one had something (mint, eucalyptus, etc.) that stings chapped lips - who thought that was a good idea, huh? Eventually, by luck found and switched to ChapStick 100% Naturals, and not liking flavors, settled on the one in this line called Botanical Medley. All was well until I gave my tube away and then could not find it anywhere, except online. But having learned that the very best skin moisturizer is olive oil along with Vitamin E and beeswax, and knowing I had all those ingredients right here and being very familiar with making wax blends, I set out to try making some. So, here is the part you need to know. Real ChapStick feels like it works better, but what it does is simply seal in your lips to prevent moisture loss, but seals out air (oxygen) and does nothing to promote the healing of the tiny fissures that are making your lips uncomfortable. So, you keep using more. More of spreading a petroleum product on your lips and thus into your mouth. End of story on ChapStick. Once I figured out proportions, I then bought actual cool little tubes and my style brown labels and so we have Gail's Chapped Lip Stick. Then I realized that I also had something else. Many years ago, one of my workers worked also delivering mail. All the mail carriers have to sort the mail first, handling lots of paper, making them prone to cracking cuticles and dry skin, so since they had been given this locally produced beeswax in a tin to use, she gave me one - come winter, I can get very deep cuts along my fingers and thumb due to dryness and the materials I work with. My little miracle tin of beeswax lasted many years but was almost gone and the label was worn off as to what was in it. I tried a slight alteration in the lip formula, and I cannot tell the difference from the old tin I have used up. This recipe also has unrefined shea butter from Africa which besides incredible moisturizing and healing qualities has natural sun blocks. Now beeswax is not something that soaks in quickly, so the trick is to apply liberally when you are say going to bed or maybe talking on the phone. It needs a few minutes so it doesn't get on other things you might be handling. Also good on any dried out area like heels, elbows. So, there you have it.

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