Please note that prices or other typesetting may have errors which we will not be held responsible for. In case of errors, we will notify you before shipping or charging your order.

This is a secure shopping site. Each item has an "Add to Cart" link to click on, that will place the item in your shopping cart. You will be able to review the contents of your cart and make any changes prior to checking out and submitting your credit card information. Most items (kits, patterns, supplies, fabrics, etc., plus many of the small things) are always in stock and ready to ship, but because each and every finished item is made here all by hand with Gail working on every piece, we do not usually have finished items "in stock". However, there always is a small batch of all the items somewhere in its progress, so most finished items will be finished and shipped within 2-3 weeks. Once an order is received, the desired item is then put at the head of the line for finishing. If you order a finished item not in stock (that will be most dolls, larger furniture pieces or special orders of any kind), you will be charged a standard 20% deposit to get the order going and the balance charged when the doll or item is ready to go.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Emailing an order is very convenient for many people. The only part that needs special attention is the credit card information. You should never email your credit card information as part of the email as this is very insecure. However, if we have already gotten your credit card info in our secure system and it is still a valid number and expiration date, we can use that without you having to repeat it. If we don't have this info, you can use the link in the footer menu at the bottom of each page to go to a secure site so that you can give us this information without going through actually placing the order online. We can also email you this link.

Use the printable order form below (if you have a printer) or hand write your order supplying all the information that appears on the order form, including shipping charges if you are sending a check. If you are supplying a credit card number, we can calculate the shipping.

No orders will be shipped without proper payments, including shipping charges. Personal checks or money orders and Mastercard, Visa, Discover and AmEx, are all acceptable and work well on all online orders.

PayPal is also an option. You may email or call in what you want and say that you would like us to send you a PayPal invoice. Or place your order online (which will ask for a credit card) but in the Notes box available on the online order form if you specify you would like to pay by Paypal - but we will send you a Paypal invoice.

We also accept personal checks or money orders and these work best on orders by Postal mail, Email or Phone Calls. For these payment methods, we will wait for your PayPal payment, check or money order to arrive before processing your order.

At most times, if all items are in stock, they will be shipped within a business week except during sales or the holiday season where it can take up to two weeks to organize and ship all orders. If there will be a delay, we will notify you so that you may decide what to do.

I no longer have a full-scale workshop with helpers and do most administrative work myself - including shipping. I hope that customers will be understanding of the need to limit shipping to one day per week. Sadly gone are the days of someone whose main job was shipping - everyday.

Due to the high cost of producing and mailing catalogs coupled with maintaining a website, there are no longer paper catalogs as in the past. Not having a catalog is very hard for me because the only real jobs I ever had were doing graphics for printing and I loved my old printed catalogs. Many of you collected them, much to my amazement. But here we are in the new age of computers and I will miss this opportunity more than anyone can imagine.

Hitty - My Hitty Series does have a catalog which you can order in the Hitty link "About Hitty".