All of my work is copyrighted © which means it cannot be reproduced, copied or adapted. If you would like to sell things made from my designs, you will need a license from me to produce things to sell. This applies to all selling. To encourage licensing, I have extended the period of time that the license is good from one to two years.

If you would like to do this, you may write, call or order here online for a license and tags. There are two levels of licenses. The license offered online is for small producers, i.e. individuals and not a company with a larger production, and costs $35 for two years. Larger production entities must apply for a different license, which operates on a royalty basis. If you order the license for small producers online, what you will receive are two copies of the contract (one to be returned) and the tags to attach to your work. Once you return your signed contract, you are set to sell items made using the patterns and instructions in my kits or patterns.

License Agreement and Tags: $35 per two year term. Add to Cart
Once you have been licensed, you may renew for $15 per year. Add to Cart or you can renew for two more years for $25 Add to Cart