GENERAL INFORMATION - I teach classes both here in my workshop and I am also hired to teach elsewhere. Classes can be of things I already have, new dolls or items that are not presently part of my kits and patterns and can be cloth, primitive, or even dolls that involve some sort of molding. My 35+ years of making original molds for dolls and all the general engineering I have to do to make all the dolls' furniture and accessories makes just about any technique or subject possible. Please contact me for my rates. If you would like to take a class here (some people like the opportunity to poke around in all my little drawers), you can arrange for your group to come (B & B accommodations can be arranged if desired). If you are not part of a group, sign up to be on my MAILING LIST FOR CLASSES (this is separate from my customer and catalog mailing list). Fees usually involve a class fee and a class kit fee - these of  course will vary depending upon the class material. Retreats have become a favorite way for women to get away and make dolls - from just after lunch on a Friday through early afternoon on Sunday. This time allows for very in-depth work not able to be completed in a day class. Different venues are used, but we all stay and eat together in a cozy environment. Participants come from all over and quite a few come with either a friend or a sister, but all enjoy meeting new people who share such common interests. Fee for a retreat includes lodging (dorm style), food and class kit. If you would like to have me teach in your location, write or email for suggestions and fees.

EXPERIENCE - Any level of experience is fine. Sometimes the people with the most experience have the hardest time because they are used to being able to work a certain way and the least experienced are sometimes more open to new information. If you are considering a class but feel intimidated, do not let this stop you - that is what I am there for - to guide you through the process. All you need is a little enthusiasm and a good sense of humor.

MY CLASS MAILING LIST - You must be on this special list if you would like to receive information about future classes. Please email me to be on the class mailing list. EMAIL HERE

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Note: My venue of many years has been sold and no longer available. I am currently looking for another venue suitable.

My retreats are held in lodges or B&B's designed for retreats. Rooms and baths are shared in a "camp" atmosphere. There is the availability of one private room which has an added per night charge - Click here to email GW if you would like to check on the availability and extra cost). We do all the cooking providing Friday dinner through Sunday lunch, plus many snacks and drinks available all the time. All linens are provided. The basic schedule has you arriving at the retreat about 1 PM (please, not before) on Friday so we can begin the first session at 2 and finishing by 2 on Sunday so people can get a start home. Sessions in the evening add to the time that retreats allow. Saturday evening, we will drive the short distance (17 miles) to my home and workshop for wine and hors d’ouevres during which time you may explore and possibly shop (special retreat discounts on all kits, patterns, supplies, and finished items of 10% off), then we will have a big dinner and return to the lodge. Of course do wear only the most comfortable of clothes. Just before the time of your retreat, you will be sent more information about what to bring and maps. The nearest airport is Manchester, NH about an hour plus away. Sewing skills are essential, but participants do not have to be experienced in either dollmaking or other skills such as painting. I find all levels of ability do well and have fun. Sewing machines are usually not needed and I always have one or two available in case.

Due to the large commitment I have to make to hold these retreats, payments must be as follows: 1/2 due up front (in certain cases it is 1/3) and non-refundable to secure your place in the class. The second half is due 30 days before the retreat, no exceptions, and is refundable only if there is a replacement for you. Please note that it is usually difficult to impossible to fill a canceled place less than 30 days from a retreat even if we have a waiting list). If you have fully paid and are unable to attend, you will receive the class kit as partial compensation for your loss. In the event of a cancelation due to extreme circumstances beyond my control, (acts of God, war related, etc.), all but the direct costs of securing the room and perishable food will be refunded to each person equally. Class kits usually include the use of various tools and supplies, plus pre-sewn bodies and all other necessary paints, stuffing and other items. Sometimes some items must be provided by the student.
If you wish to make other payment arrangements (monthly payments on the balance after initial deposit), please email or call so that we may accomodate your needs.
• Day student rates are available if you are within commuting distance or if you prefer to stay in a local B&B to have your
Do not make plane reservations until we confirm the
retreat has at least the minimum number of participants. If we do not get enough students, all deposits will be returned.

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Online Classes )

THE CONCEPT - IT IS EASY AND THERE IS LOTS OF HELP. When I first heard about online classes, I thought that no one would take one from me because they could just buy a kit instead. But, I have come to realize the huge benefits that an online class can give, some of which cannot be gotten even in a real class. Here’s how it will work. You sign up for a class and when it comes about a month before class time, you are charged your class fee and you will receive an email of confirmation and a Supplies List. Very close to class startup you will receive your class kit and any supplies you may have added to your order (some online classes have optional class kits and some have class kits you can't take the class without) - this shipment will be a separate payment. Next, you will receive your pass into the Message Board where you will post your questions, comments, and I will post my answers and we will all be able to both read everyone else’s comments and “talk” to each other. Then, another email the day before the class with the information and password to get to your classroom. Lessons will be posted once each week, and I am online a few times a day answering all the questions as they arise on the Message Board. Here is the good part. You can work at your own pace, in your own environment without the pressure of being in a class and having to keep up. You don’t even have to be present for the weekly classes as all of the class material will be kept up and running not only during the class weeks, but well beyond. All steps are accompanied by color photos of me making the doll. Most classes will run 6 sessions and most lessons will be able to be completed in a couple of hours, but this can and will vary from person to person and it’s OK. You will control how fast you go which will allow you to more fully absorb the process. In all my years of teaching, I know that not much is actually remembered from one class - there is too much going on for the brain to grasp it all, so this online format is excellent. Plus, if questions arise on a particular technique, I am able to help out with "instant" digital picture pointers, and often more help comes from other students. Most people print out all the material allowing them to work at any time. You only need a computer, an internet connection, and most likely a printer. Sending in digital pictures of your work is a plus but not necessary. Plan to learn some computer stuff too along the way and to get lots of leads on interesting stuff from everyone.

If you sign up for online classes that are more than 6 weeks ahead, you will not be charged until 30 days before the class is to begin. Class kits are not charged until shipped which will be just prior to the class start-up. You will be asked for your credit card information when you order online, but you will only be charged as stated above.

Click here to see a list of previous online classes (such as Hitty, Joel Ellis) that you will be able to sign up for with the understanding that your name goes on a list and when enough students have signed up, a class start-up date will be set. You will not be charged anything until it is feasible to run the class at which time you will first receive an email asking you to confirm that this will work for you.

If you belong to a group or gather a group of 12 or more people, it is possible to run an online class just for your group (or you may allow it to be open to anyone).

The following list may change - classes may be added (if the time and inspiration hits), subtracted (not enough sign up) or dates changed to fit. Sometimes I do not have pictures of the item for a new class.

Classes for 2018:

RJWright Convention - 2 Workshops, June 23: The theme of this convention is Fairy Tales, so Workshop #1 is Little Red Riding Hood (a 3.5" tall doll with a basket) and #2 is for two tiny dolls done as Hansel & Gretel.

UFDC National Convention, Phoenix, AZ, July 18: A Tiny Izannah Walker Doll

I enjoy teaching classes here in my workshop where I can have fewer students due to not having to pack up all supplies where nothing is forgotten, no travel and no set up is required other than a lick and a promise. Plus it is more stress free for me to teach fewer people and we get more done. If you would like to arrange a small class with me or even a private or semi-private workshop, please email concerning subject matter you desire, costs, time frames, and the possibility that if you do not have a group yourself, that some postings here and on the GW Yahoo message boards will yield others who might like to share.

PS: Don't let fear of winter travel get in the way of the best time for taking a class - plan to travel by bus or Amtrak or Manchester, NH airport. We can pick up from these places.

Interested in a Private or Semi-Private Class ~ These would be in my home and workshop (max 3 people). Can be any doll in my repertoire or other topics such as making your own molds, learning painting techniques or pattern making (Note: Choice of subject affects price and some types of classes will have a kit or special supplies surcharge). Weekends or other mid-week options open for fall and winter. Give yourself a gift or bring a friend or relative and get immersed. Email me for more info, including longer workshops or stays. Even if you do not want a private class and don't know anyone to take the class with you in order to get lower rates, let me know topics and your time frame, and I will announce it to seek additional students.
Rates 2-Day (One overnight):
Staying at my home:
Prices from $795 for private to $575 (per person) for tuition and room/board if two or more students.
Extra days added: $225 per day per person.
Staying elsewhere:
If you wish to stay elsewhere and commute, cost is $675 for private, $575 per student if more for the standard two day class for tuition and lunch and snacks. Extra days added $200 per person, including lunch. I can supply the names of nearest motels (about 30 minutes from my home/workshop).

Start Up Date Re-Set: Nov 4, 2016; 8 PM

Note on "start up": The nature of online classes means that the dates are only when the class material becomes available but does not mean you have to be ready to work on that or those days. All of my online classes remain on the web for many weeks giving everyone the opportunity to work at any time, to even start up late or at the last minute or simply print out everything while available and work at some future date. For real procrastinators or just for keeping, CD's of all the class pieces will also be available at the end of class for a small fee.

Sign up now (class registration). Class kits and pre-painted heads will be charged when sent.
Read full description of class below.

Class registration is $50 (due when you sign up) - this fee pays for the class itself. Add to Cart

Class kits $95. It is assumed you will be getting this kit and it will be charged when sent, which is after we confirm if you need any other supplies to go all in one package.

Option for head to be pre-painted $25 fee (not charged until class materials sent) Add to Cart

Optional fabrics and notions kit for 2 outfits $28 Add to Cart

Note: Upon registering, you will be sent a confirmation email and a link to a list of supplies you may need. Once you respond back, we will charge your class kit and any of the other options or additional supplies you may choose and send all in one package to save on postage.


Description for the 8" Milliners Model Online Class

The two photos below are of dolls that inspired the idea for this class. The doll on the left is of a papier mache head on a wooden body Milliner's Model and the doll on the right is a Milliner's Model type with china head and the more traditional wooden arms and legs with the cloth body. I love the diminutive sizes of these dolls and the doll theme du jour seems to be Milliners Models. I sculpted the head and designed the wood parts for a workshop run at the UFDC National Convention in Washington, DC this past July. This is good news for this class due to being able to observe any difficulties students have first hand and to add to or correct steps. The class was a huge success with a majority of participants unfamiliar with any dollmaking or wood carving.

THE DOLL FOR THIS CLASS & THE CLASS KIT (see photos in the second tier down):
The dolls for this class have papier mache heads (all molded from my own originals) with easy to carve wooden limbs and cloth bodies. They will have the traditional blue bands securing limbs to bodies. Class kits will include parts for the dolls (head and wood arm leg and foot blanks), plus body fabric, wool stuffing, necessary paints to make the doll and fabric & notioins for her lace trimmed undies. Some bonus inclusions to the class kit are a special cheek brush for the best cheeks and a new paint to make cheeks easier, and a wooden stand for your doll. Patterns and lessons for two outfits are included along with a bonus lesson on how to paint overdye extra fine batiste to some desirable vintage hues.

Above left is the undressed doll for the class, above right is the doll dressed in one of the outfit options included for the class (there are 2 - the second is similar to the style on the antique original shown above in a soft rose). Below is a closeup of the papier mache head. Note that there is the option of ordering your class kit head pre-painted by me.

Read above About Retreats for information on how the retreats are run.



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