To provide Credit Card and Personal Information

This location was created to allow people to send us their credit card and personal information without actually purchasing something on the website. For instance, sometimes people like to communicate by email and/or have a special item they may wish to buy that is not on the website, or they may just wish to send updated information.

Clicking here will allow you to go to our secure place to enter your credit card information safely. An amount of $.01 will appear as this field requires a dollar amount to allow the software to know to ask for your credit card information. Of course, you will not be charged any amount for your information. In fact, rest assured that our software does not automatically charge any of our orders, rather we have to enter them by hand just as you would in a store. We will confirm by email that we received the information.

IMPORTANT - Once the screen changes, use the "Checkout" tab on the top right of the page to continue filling in the necessary stuff.

If you wish, you may use the notes field to type in any information we may need. For example: "for a club" or "for email sale" or "to file with my info", etc. so you can let us know what it is for.