Replacement Patterns, Instructions, Paints and Other Items

PATTERNS AND INSTRUCTIONS: A common occurance is for patterns and/or instructions to become lost. People typically take out the instructions and patterns for a quick look, then they become fall into the magic lost zone of "things I will get to soon" but never do. Or kits were acquired second hand and missing the critical paperwork for exactly the same reason just stated. We do not "stock" extra printing, but are happy to reprint copies for you, including digging out of archives older kits or patterns to do so. There is a small fee based on the number of sides with a cap at $18. A mailing and handling charge of $2.95 will be added for addresses in the US unless ordered with other items (no charge).

NOTE: Sale discounts will not be applied to any reprints or replacement paints.

• If the instructions and/or patterns are from a currently available kit, click the Add to Cart to order replacement pages. On your order form is a Notes box. Here please designate the name of the kit and which pages you will need. Or you may state "all". We will then calculate your order at the rate of $1.50 per side (capped at $18) and add the minimal shipping and handling fee of $2.95 unless part of another order.

If the instructions and/or patterns are from a no longer available kit, please go to the OLDIES BUT STILL GOODIES section found in the upper menu. There you will find older discontinued kits with links to get new instructions and patterns.

FABRICS: Additional pieces of fabric, unless they are among the basic fabrics we do keep selling, are nearly impossible to replace for older kits and sometimes not even for newer ones due to the fact that we do not maintain a large fabric inventory and fabrics come and go on the market so rapidly, it would be cost prohibitive to keep stocks for the future.

PAINTS: Paints drying up is another common problem and we are usually able to replace paints at the rate of $.75 per paint pot (more for larger amounts supplied in some kits) but we will need to know the specific kit in order to supply the proper colors. Shipping and handling must be charged for these shipped to US addresses (usually $5.95), unless ordered with other items.TO ORDER REPLACEMENT PAINTS: Click the Add to Cart to order replacement paints. On your order form is a Notes box. Here please designate the name of the kit and which colors you will need. Or you may state "all paints". We will then calculate your paint order at the rate of $.75 per paint pot (more for larger amounts supplied in some kits) and add the minimal amount of shipping and handling (usually $5.95). Note: If you need alkyd oil paints replaced, these are priced at $1 per pot.

This page is here to help my customers with corrections, revisions and additions to kits, patterns and instructions. As necessary corrections come to my attention, I have always made the appropriate revisions immediately, and when possible, alerted any recipients of these kits or patterns of the changes so as not to cause confusion or errors. Since corrections are always completed as soon as I learn of a problem, there is no way to go back in time to list all prior revisions. However, if any older revisions are brought to my attention, I will post these here too. After all, many people do not make their kits or patterns right away, so older revisions might be helpful to some.  These will be listed by the title of the kit or pattern. If you know of a problem, please click here to email me about it.

FEEDSACK DOLL SERIES - Pattern for Two 14" Cloth Dolls Made with Colored Pencil Faces

The measurement for the neck bias was left off the pattern pages. Cut a strip of bias fabric the same material as the dress fabric 7/8" x 4-1/4". This length will give some excess which you will trim off in Step 2-3 of the Dress. Directions for applying are given, only the actual cutting size was ommitted. If your pattern page (page 3) for the dress has the Dress Neck Bias on it, then you have revised material.


This has been corrected in all but the earliest kits to be sent out (applies to the Hitty Kit Club who got the first wave of this kit 12/2017). The error is that in the kit instructions it says you were given 2 paint pots of the stain when in reality you were only given one, but you only need one.