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10" Izannah Walker Inspired Dolls ~ Kit or Finished or Kit with Pre-Painted Head

10" Izannah Type
10" Izannah Walker Inspired Dolls

A 10" Izannah Walker Inspired Doll with Wardrobe ~ The latest in my kits and a wonderful doll to collect and sew for. This doll is a scaled down version who in her original size of 18" was sculpted by me carefully by measurements and shape templates from a real 21" Izannah, so she is pretty true (well, I do admit to making her more subtle ears than Izannah did). Her head is molded papier mache with a cloth body stuffed with wool. Included are special painting instructions for either wispy side curls or her signature sausage curls. Although the painting is somewhat tricky, I have simplified the methods with the help of recommended special tools so that really is not that much more than any other painted doll. Of course, I also offer pre-painting of the head as I do with all my other molded dolls. Her patterns for her wardrobe include her pantalets and camisole, petticoat, 2 dress styles, 2 aprons, her hooded cape, a hard constructed and a cloth bonnet plus her own folk cat (an accessory she is often depicted with) and a pocket. Included in the kit are also very special cotton knit and optional instructions for doing the knit-over technique if you choose.

Kits for the 10" Izannah Walker Inspired Doll with Wardrobe Set of Patterns ~ $125 Add to Cart
Pre-painting by GW for your doll kit's head. (This is the fee for painting only). Choose Wispy Curls $85 Add to Cart or Sausage Curls $115 Add to Cart
Extra Head (only sold to kit owners) with knit for optional knit-over $40 Add to Cart
• Recommended Special tools (besides the ordinary ones needed) available on the Supplies pages: 1/8" Comb Brush, New Comb Brush Tool plus click here to see the pointy Q-tips and make-up brushes that will make your work easier.
Buy extra of the special fine cotton knit for other knit-over projects Fat quarter (18" x 28") $4.50 Add to Cart
• Pattern Only for Wardrobe ~ Complete set of patterns and instructions for the wardrobe described above. $19 Add to Cart

Finished 10" Izannah Walker Inspired Doll with Wardrobe Set of Patterns ~ comes in her own special gift box with gift tag. If you order, you will see the full amount in your cart, but only a 20% deposit will be charged/balance when ready to ship. Projected delivery is 3 weeks. Your choice of:
Wispy side Curls $425 Add to Cart or Sausage Curls $450 Add to Cart
• Finished Complete Wardrobe ~ Includes Dress with Printed Apron, Dress with Ruffled Apron, Cloth Bonnet, Cape and Hard Bonnet (Note undies must be purchased separately). $165 Add to Cart
• Wardrobe pieces sold individually: Dress with Printed Apron $45 Add to Cart, Dress with Ruffled Apron $45 Add to Cart, Cloth Bonnet $18 Add to Cart, Cape $30 Add to Cart and Hard Bonnet $38 Add to Cart
• Undies sold separately: Camisole $18 Add to Cart, Pantalets $18 Add to Cart and Petticoat $12 Add to Cart

Wispy Curls

Sausage Curls

Some of the items that can be made from the patterns


Izannah Walker


This is a molded head Izannah Walker made from months of study of a real (and quite wonderful) antique Izannah Walker from the collection of my old friend and well-known dollmaker, R John Wright. From the original wax sculpt of her, a metal mold was made from which to heat press layers of cloth in the same manner as Izannah did herself. The first trial metal mold was my learning experience with John and Susan Wright as gracious and patient mentors. The new metal molds are in the process of undergoing the necessary revisions to be able to make dolls with cloth pressed heads. Meanwhile, I have decided to revise my plan and make use of this molded head covered in special cotton knit as an official kit. This is due in part to fill a need for dollmakers to make a nice version of a pretty true Izannah look without having to sculpt a doll by themselves. It will take about one month to make the necessary master molds in order to continue making heads from this design at which point I will kit the head, templates for face detail and hairlines, study materials and all supplies (stuffing extra) to make the complete doll with undies, shoes and stockings (leather, undies fabric, lace and notions included). Patterns will be included for many pieces of clothing, including boys styles (these fabrics not included). New Price of the kit is $175 Add to Cart
Extra Head with knit $68 Add to Cart
To have GW cover head with knit and paint for you add $195 for sausage curls Add to Cart or $175 for the wispy style Add to Cart (Note - prices for GW painting do not include the head).

The doll shown in the photos above was sold. She is the first of just a few made in extremely rare vintage fabrics that have taken years to acquire. Not only is each fabric rare in itself, but the added degree of specialness is in finding combinations that are just right. These dolls, dressed in vintage fabrics are $1200. There are presently two of these dolls on the Garage Sale page at greatly reduced prices. The doll shown below is one made from reproduction fabrics and she comes with her own cat. Her price is $975. Add to Cart


MY PAINTING SERVICE  ~ I will now prepaint any molded doll (and hair if applicable). If the doll also has molded hands and feet, these will be painted as well. Style of painting must be consistent with my presentation of the doll (no custom requests).  Prices vary depending on the doll involved and its complexity, but run from $45 - 65 and does not include cost of parts which are purchased separately or are already in a kit you are purchasing. If you add this item to your cart, we will email you with a confirmation of actual price depending on the doll parts or kit that this applies to. Add to Cart Or, you may call us with inquiries.
Note: Stuffed dolls cannot be accomodated due to the wide variance in other people's stuffing.

This doll was one of my online classes and this offer is of a boxed kit with molded papier mache parts, paints and other finishing supplies, body and undies fabrics and lace, wool stuffing plus, many detailed pages of instructions from the class, gift tag and all patterns. You supply her dress material(s) and trimming. Instructions for piercing her ears is included or you can order this step done for you. Note, she becomes simply a nice doll of the early 1800's if you sand off her comb.

Tuck Comb Boxed Kit - $125.00 Add to Cart
Optional special wood stand kit $18 Add to Cart
Tuck Comb Extra Molded Parts $62 Add to Cart
Prepainting of the Molded Parts by GW. Add $65 Add to Cart
Pre-pierced ears and findings to make your own earrings. $3 Add to Cart

A Fun Tip: I want to share with you a title of a new book (thank you, Mimi), Conversations with Mademoiselle ZoZo (Amazon). Story of a 200 year old Grodnertal Peg Wooden (a Tuck Comb) including information about fashions of the era. I just ordered it myself, but it would be a nice accompaniment to my Tuck Comb Doll Kit.

Tuck Comb Doll by Gail Wilson

The Jane Austen Inspired Doll

The Jane Austen 11" Doll with Period dress and Bonnet


The 11" papier mache doll comes with all parts and supplies to make her, the period straw bonnet and her outfit. The Set also includes the two extra kits for her "Complete Jane Austen" cloth-bound book with descriptions of all her published works and her special fabric covered box stand (has a wire leg holder), also sold separately.

Entire Set: Jane Austen Boxed Kit for the Doll, with Kit to make her Book and the Kit to make her Cloth Covered Stand $125.00 Add to Cart
Jane's Own Book Kit $9.50 Add to Cart
Jane's Cloth Covered Stand Kit $18.00 Add to Cart
Set of Extra Molded Parts $64 Add to Cart
Prepainting of the Molded Parts by GW - add $65 Add to Cart

Finished Jane Austen on Special Embroidered Stand with Book
(as shown in picture above) $595 No longer available

12" FASHION DOLL (Molded Papier Mache Version)
This is a detailed kit to make a 12" doll with papier mache molded parts joined to a shaped cloth body. Kit comes with all that you need for the basic doll, with mohair wig and undies and shoes. Instructions for making a simple snood and materials are included or hand crocheted snoods are available and recommended. Finished dolls come with hand crocheted snoods, undies, leather shoes and stockings. Outfits sold separately finished or as patterns along with dress forms in kit or finished for display. Outfits include: the two-piece walking dress, the day dress (shown), two bonnets with hatboxes, and a winter outfit pattern.

Fashion Doll Illustration
Click on image to see photos

Finished Doll in Undies $495 No longer available
Finished 2-Pc Outfit $68 No longer available
Finished Hat, Hatstand with Hatbox $58 No longer available
Finished Day Dress (in illustration) $78 No longer available
Finished Winter Outfit $138 No longer available

Molded Fashion Doll Basic Kit $125 Add to Cart
(New offer includes the 4 outfit and bonnet patterns below)

Prepainting of Molded Parts by GW plus pre-made wig cap. Add $55. Add to Cart
Extra Molded Parts $60. Add to Cart

Patterns for Outfits and Bonnets:
Pattern for 2-Pc Walking Dress
$9.50 Add to Cart
Pattern for Day Dress (in illustration) $9.50 Add to Cart
Pattern for Winter Outfit with bonnet and muff $12.00 Add to Cart
Pattern for 2 Bonnets and Hatboxes $12.00 Add to Cart
SPECIAL - Get all four above patterns $18 Add to Cart

Finished Snood -Although the kits come with a simple snood that can be made with fine cotton netting in the kit and instructions for crocheting snoods, you may wish to have one all hand crocheted for you. These are done in brown using a very fine rayon sewing thread with silk ribbons threaded through for tying. $28 Add to Cart.

This doll is best with a special stand for her. This is a wooden stand that you finish by staining or painting with instructions included. $18 Add to Cart

I have created a doll head, lower arms and lower legs in a simplistic style for you to make into a doll of your intent. You can do this with pre-molded parts and the patterns to go with or get the molds and pour your own using pourable papier mache. The material allows for modest re-sculpting or adding onto with PaperClay. Also offered is a starter set with everything in one package.

List of all Items Sold Individually from the STARTER SET (opposite):

Special Wood Tool $12.00 Add to Cart
Flumo Casting Medium - size $28.75 Add to Cart
PaperClay 4 oz. (size of a deck of cards) $3.95 Add to Cart
Set of Make Your Own Molds with Instructions $75 Add to Cart
Pre-Molded Parts: Head, Hands and Feet.  $48 Add to Cart
Instructions and Body Patterns for MYO Doll $3.00 Add to Cart
Pattern Set for all clothing including body $8.00 Add to Cart
Set Drill Bits (3 sizes) $3.50 Add to Cart

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to the bulk and weight of some of these items when ordered together or added to other items in your cart, additional shipping may be added to the regular shipping fee.

Read more info on Supplies Page.

Premolded head and shoulderplate, lower arms and lower legs for an 11" doll. You will need a set of patterns below for the cloth body parts. This doll can be used as is with painted or fiber hair, or you can use it as a base to start on that gives the beginner sculptor a base of parts all in proportion with patterns that will fit. Add on sculpted hair or other features with Paperclay. The classes I have done this with can tell you (even the at-first reluctant people) that every single person not only found it easy, but turned out more than one doll in one session (why you may come back for a set of molds). Head, Hands and Feet.  $48 Add to Cart

Two molds that make the head with shoulderplate, lower arms and lower legs for an 11" doll. You can use the molded parts as is (painted to your liking) or you can add on PaperClay sculpted hair and/or other features. This basic style allows for an Izannah Walker look, a Peg Wooden or Milliners Model, Greiner types or any molded hair genres. Molds will make up to approximately 25 good castings. Use with Flumo Pouring Medium and PaperClay sold at left. Comes with basic instructions, body patterns and link to inspirational pictures. $75 Add to Cart

SET OF INSTRUCTIONS FOR MAKING THE DOLL These tell how to add to the pre-molded parts (above) or use the molds to create your own parts (sold above). Includes cloth body patterns for this doll and link to inspirational pictures. $3.00 Add to Cart
Note: While these instructions do contain some generalized techniques which could be applied to other papier mache made dolls, they are really specific to this particular doll.

Cloth body patterns and basic costume pattern pieces for many styles including different bonnets and two styles of shoe. Use of these patterns is limited to those familiar with basic clothing construction. Brief notes only on each pattern piece providing only essential information such as seam allowances, cutting grain, etc.
Pattern Set $8.00 Add to Cart

PACKAGE STARTER SET - This includes a set of molded parts to start, a set of molds, a quart of the casting medium Flumo, my special wooden tool, a package of PaperClay, a set of necessary drill bits for sew holes and all patterns and instructions. There is even a link to many photos of genres of old dolls to be inspired from and to look at for your ideas, plus a gallery of students' dolls. $175 Add to Cart

Click on image for picture

THE COMPANION DOLL - This doll can also be seen in the Cloth Doll section because she is the companion to the Basic Doll who is all cloth. She is proportioned the same as the Basic Doll and so clothes will be interchangeable (only bonnets need some adjusting due to difference of head styles). The molded head, hands and feet are cast in papier mache which are easily painted (stencil to help get the features right) and assembled with her cloth body. She too comes in her underwear - ribbon-trimmed camisole and pantalets.

Kit for Companion Doll $84 Add to Cart
Extra Molded Parts for Companion Doll $48 Add to Cart
Finished Companion Doll in Undies $195
No longer available
Outfits for this doll and her companion, the Basic Doll, can be seen on the Early American page.

GIFT SET FOR THE COMPANION DOLL - Tucked inside an rectangular cloth covered and lined box is the companion to the Basic Doll wtih her outfit and own tiny book.
Gift Set with Companion Doll $325 Finished Companion Doll in Undies $195
No longer available

This kit, evolved from my dollmaking retreats, makes a 12” cloth doll with a molded papier-mâché head from my original molds made just for this kit - similar to my first 14” limited edition ones (different molds and size). Like dolls in this medium from the 1800’s, these have hand-stitched fingers in painted cloth made to look and feel like authentic leather ones true to this type of doll. Painting made easy by detailed charts and close-up photos - mistakes are easily rectified. Her hair is mohair made into a wig on a linen foundation you will mold (different styles are offered including a curled type). Although all other supplies and notions are given, besides stuffing, you will need to choose your own dress and optional apron fabrics, since these choices will make each doll individual. This doll will be a treasure.

These dolls no longer available.

Every year I have to meet the challenge of a new angel. This angel was made post September 11 and in style the head and wings are taken from some wonderful old slate gravestones from the 18th Century. She is about 15" tall, but with a molded primitive papier-mache head. She holds a hand-embroidered quilted banner in her hands that proclaims "Remember", appropriate for all of us for that year and all years. Of course she is quite vintage looking with her antique finish. Her color is old mustardy browns.

Kit for Remember Angel $58.00 Add to Cart
Extra Molded Head for Kit Owners $20.00 Add to Cart
Finished Angel $195.00 (Finished Item Not Available)


Papier Mache Doll 1858 by Gail Wilson
This doll is Louisa and this is her story . . .
“It is 1858 and I have just received my first
store-bought doll.”

The Masters Doll (not shown)
This doll was made for a show of the work of the master craftsmen who are jurors for the League of NH Craftsmen to commemorate their new headquarters. The entries were supposed to be representative of our best work over the years. I chose to do a larger version of my Louisa Doll (she was 9" tall standing) which is 12" standing, who is a doll of a child in the late 1800's. Like Louisa in every way except for size and color scheme, she has papier mache molded parts, a mohair wig with a hand crocheted snood of silk thread, hand crocheted laces (on both dolls) and her tiny collar. She wears leather high button shoes, has her own Greiner doll, a papier mache doll made in this time period by German immigrant, Ludwig Greiner. These were some of the first American made dolls available commercially. Small Greiner has papier mache head and shoulderplate on a tiny painted cloth body with red stockings and even thumbs on her tiny leather-like hands. Both are sitting in my ladderback chair made for her with a split ash woven seat. A limited edition of 12. $750. THIS EDITION IS SOLD OUT.

MY NEW DOLL - My entire career of 35 years began with a small 8" doll hand press molded in primitive molds I made before I knew anything about dolls or moldmaking. I made thousands of these dolls and stopped forever their production in about 1995 with the idea that someday I would make another doll like them but in molded papier mache. This doll is the first of these dolls.

The theme of this first edtion is sort of snap shots in history. Every edition will be extremely limited - this one in this fabric is limited to 10. All signed and numbered with story tags. Dolls have such details as hand crocheted lace and snoods, real leather shoes and perfectly tailored outfits and accessories. They represent all that I have learned in my 35 years of dollmaking.

Louisa - A 9” papier mache doll with her new Greiner doll, a papier mache doll made in this time period by German immigrant, Ludwig Greiner. These were some of the first American made dolls available commercially. Small Greiner has papier mache head and shoulderplate on a tiny painted cloth body with red stockings and even thumbs on her tiny leather-like hands. Louisa has English mohair wig with hand crocheted snood, hand crocheted lace color and other laces, high buttoned leather shoes, silk stockings and her chair has a split ash seat.

Limited Edition Set (two dolls and chair) $595. (If you order this doll, a 20% deposit will be charged with balance due at shipping).
NOTE: The brown plaid on the doll pictured sold out faster than anticipated in the first edition of 10 dolls. After a long search, I finally found the perfect replacement. Same browns but in a smaller plaid on a nice drapable fabric perfect for this small doll. If you would like to be on an approval waiting list, click this link below and you will get one of the remaining dolls in this edition of 24 of Louisa. LOUISA IS NOW SOLD OUT.

The Next New Doll ~ September 2015 will be a follow-up to the Louisa Doll, a 9" Papier Mache Doll dressed in Kate Greenaway era clothes and holding her own small doll of the times. Sorry no pics yet. Reservations with deposit ($50) may be made. Final price will be $595 Add to Cart
Note: Production on this doll temporarily on hold until my schedule allows.