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10" Izannah Type

Wispy Curls

Sausage Curls

A 10" Izannah Walker Inspired Doll with Wardrobe ~ A fine addition to my doll kits and a wonderful doll to collect and sew for. This doll is a scaled down version who in her original size of 18" was sculpted by me carefully by measurements and shape templates from a real 21" Izannah, so she is pretty true (well, I do admit to making her more subtle ears than Izannah did). Her head is molded papier mache with a cloth body stuffed with wool. Included are special painting instructions for either wispy side curls or her signature sausage curls. Although the painting is somewhat tricky, I have simplified the methods with the help of recommended special tools so that really is not that much more than any other painted doll. Of course, I also offer pre-painting of the head as I do with all my other molded dolls. Her patterns for her wardrobe include her pantalets and camisole, petticoat, 2 dress styles, 2 aprons, her hooded cape, a hard constructed and a cloth bonnet plus her own folk cat (an accessory she is often depicted with) and a pocket. Included in the kit are also very special cotton knit and optional instructions for doing the knit-over technique if you choose.

Kits for the 10" Izannah Walker Inspired Doll with Wardrobe Set of Patterns ~ $125 Add to Cart
Pre-painting by GW for your doll kit's head. (This is the fee for painting only). Choose Wispy Curls $85 Add to Cart or Sausage Curls $115 Add to Cart
Extra Head (only sold to kit owners) with knit for optional knit-over $40 Add to Cart
• Recommended Special tools (besides the ordinary ones needed) available on the Supplies pages: 1/8" Comb Brush, New Comb Brush Tool plus click here to see the pointy Q-tips and make-up brushes that will make your work easier.
Buy extra of the special fine cotton knit for other knit-over projects Fat quarter (18" x 28") $4.50 Add to Cart
• Pattern Only for Wardrobe ~ Complete set of patterns and instructions for the wardrobe described above. $19 Add to Cart

Finished 10" Izannah Walker Inspired Doll with Wardrobe Set of Patterns ~ comes in her own special gift box with gift tag. If you order, you will see the full amount in your cart, but only a 20% deposit will be charged/balance when ready to ship. Projected delivery is 3 weeks. Your choice of:
Wispy side Curls $425 Add to Cart or Sausage Curls $450 Add to Cart
• Finished Complete Wardrobe ~ Includes Dress with Printed Apron, Dress with Ruffled Apron, Cloth Bonnet, Cape and Hard Bonnet (Note undies must be purchased separately). $165 Add to Cart
• Wardrobe pieces sold individually: Dress with Printed Apron $45 Add to Cart, Dress with Ruffled Apron $45 Add to Cart, Cloth Bonnet $18 Add to Cart, Cape $30 Add to Cart and Hard Bonnet $38 Add to Cart
• Undies sold separately: Camisole $18 Add to Cart, Pantalets $18 Add to Cart and Petticoat $12 Add to Cart

Some of the items that can be made from the patterns
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