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Hitty's Story ~ Hardbound Copy
Hitty, Her First Hundred Years
by Rachel Field ~ Finally after a long time unavailable, a nice hard bound version. This one is similar to the original and has all of Dorothy Lathrop's black and white illustrations. Size is 6.5" x 8.5." This book will not fit the cloth cover kit below, but being hardbound, does not need it. $19.99 Add to Cart

Hitty's Story ~ Paperback Copy
Hitty, Her First Hundred Years
by Rachel Field ~ If you don't own a copy of this beloved book originally published in 1929, here is an inexpensive paperback version. Of course, Hitty lovers may want to look on used book sites for an older hard bound version, but here is a suitable printing that allows you to own the story complete with black and white reproduction of the original illustrations by Dorothy Lathrop. $6.99 Add to Cart

Make a Cloth Book Cover ~ If you would like a more heirloom-looking book but have the paperback, order this small kit which will cover the book above (kit only fits the 5" x 7-1/2" paperback above) with a fabric print and a reproduction of the original title block to apply to the new cover, making it similar to the old books like the one shown below. Complete kit for cover only. $20.00 Add to Cart
Extra Printed Cloth Logos $1.50 Add to Cart
Finished book cover $28.00 Add to Cart
Complete book above with cover $34.00 Add to Cart



My version of the logo from the real book ~ this is used in the Cloth Book Cover as a pre-printed cloth applique.



Hitty's Handmade Book by GW - this is a tiny Hitty size book (1-3/4" x 2-1/4") That tells the story of Hitty, both the real Hitty and the GW Hitty and is a nice addition to any Hitty setting. Cloth bound and only sold finished. $32 Add to Cart

Hitty's Fancy Bonnet, Hatbox and Hatstand ~ A detailed bonnet that Hitty can really wear, display on its wooden hat stand (also sold separately below for other hats) or keep in the cloth covered hatbox.
• Kit $22 Add to Cart
• Finished $78 Add to Cart
• Extra Hatstands (for all bonnets) $5.75 Add to Cart

Hitty's Bonnet and Hatbox

Hitty's Sewing Set ~ This set includes a small quilt with Hitty's name embroidered on it just like one the real Hitty has, plus a wooden sew box, tomato pin cushion, tiny working scissors and cloth scissors case, and a vintage style spoolrack complete with 5 tiny wooden spools.
• Kit $32 Add to Cart
• Finished $98 Add to Cart

Hitty's Sewing Set
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